Clutch Pulleys


Clutch pulleys became a vital component within alternators in the late 1990s through the introduction of the part by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Clutch pulleys, also known as one-way or decoupler pulleys, are designed to decouple the Alternator from the rotational forces of the engine crankshaft pulley and serpentine belt.

In the latest FredTalks video, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket’s Fred Padgett highlights several critical aspects of alternator clutch pulleys. You can expect to learn about the purpose of a clutch pulley, the difference between a clutch pulley and a conventional steel pulley, and why car manufacturers are using this critical alternator component.

After reviewing clutch pulleys, Fred explains that special tools are required to remove and install a clutch pulley on an alternator. To provide the easiest installation and longest-lasting remanufactured alternator, Bosch provides a 100% new OE quality clutch pulley when you purchase a Bosch remanufactured alternator.