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Supporting our network during a changing industry landscape is essential to Bosch. That’s why we’re excited to invite you to join our new independent repair shop network.

Learn how the Bosch Module Program:

  • Is quickly becoming an invaluable partnership for thousands of independent repair shops nationwide
  • How becoming a member can benefit your shop

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The Bosch Module Program Includes Carefully Developed Benefits

Guided by our extensive experience with industry networks, along with market research and industry trends.

Click on each of our valuable network benefits and discover how the Bosch Module program can Ignite your business.

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You are one of thousands of quality independent auto repair shops in the industry’s newest and fastest growing network. Start taking advantage of program benefits right away!


Bosch Quality Technical Training

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Thousands of repair shops have joined the rapidly expanding Bosch Module loyalty program.

Contact your Bosch Representative today to find the right training solution for your location!


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